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Dental treatment - Removable dentures

Removable dentures

If the number of teeth is not sufficient for fixed dentures, then we prepare partial or complete removable dentures.

Full denture

We prepare this if the patient has lost all his/her teeth and implantation is not an option. The material is usually plastic.

The loss of all teeth implies a significant deterioration of the ability to chew, a great change in facial aesthetics and speaking disorders. The inability to chew makes digestion difficult, leading to an ulcer.

The face will also change dramatically. Wrinkles become deeper, the chin will protrude, and the nose will appear longer. Psychological inhibitions are also among the results.

All these problems can be eliminated with a fully removable dental prosthesis, which restores aesthetic and chewing functions and, finally, the ability to speak.

A fully removable dental prosthesis has 3 parts

  • base plate
  • artificial gum
  • artificial teeth

The base plate is made of plastic and completely covers the palatal mucous membrane. This is necessary, because this adhesion force keeps the denture in place. We do our best to make it as thin as possible with the dental technician, so that the bearer can get used to it easily.

The artificial gum holds the teeth. It mimics the original gum.

The artificial teeth are also made of plastic. We consider aesthetical requirements of the patient both when we select the form and the colour.

Removable dentures

Cleaning of a fully removable denture

You must take it out and clean it every day, after every meal, if possible. Clean it with a toothbrush. You will need a special denture disinfection tablet as well, but this takes only a few minutes.


During use of the denture, it turns out where we need correction, and material must be removed from there. You should never wait until the denture damages the gum, causing wounds. Contact your dentist as soon as you experience discomfort.

It is recommended to go for check-up every six months. Our gum, the underlying bone change all the time, which implies that the denture does not fit perfectly anymore, and it requires padding.

Partial denture

If the patient still has some front teeth and some are missing on the side, then we can apply combined dentures. We connect the remaining teeth with a bridge which a removable metal or plastic denture connects to with a precision mechanism.

If the available bone stock in the front region is sufficient, then we apply 4 implants to prepare a removable prothesis fixed on an implant, which we call a screw-retained denture.

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