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Dental treatment - Paediatric dentistry

Paediatric dentistry

It is recommended to take your child to the dentist even if they do not have any complaints. In case of many adults, fear of the dentist can be traced back to their childhood.

The first permanent teeth appear around the age of 6. But the milk teeth must also be taken care of before that.

Milk teeth must be checked regularly, because they are more susceptible to caries.

If left unattended, caries can lead to the loss of the milk tooth, which can imply serious problems; it can affect the development of speech, chewing and, finally, looks.


The surface of freshly grown permanent teeth is very grooved. It is difficult to keep such teeth clean. Food debris can stick easily onto their surface, which can lead to caries.

In groove-closing, we fill up the deep grooves of the tooth surface with a special liquid filler, which is hardened by a special light. This provides protection for the teeth against caries. The groove-closed surface is smooth and easy to clean.

Paediatric dentistry

When is groove-closing necessary?

On healthy teeth, 6 months after the protrusion of the teeth. It is recommended to go for check-up every six months.

What is the process of groove-closing?

First, we clean the surface of the tooth. Then we dry it and make it coarse. Then we apply the groove-closer onto the tooth surface which, being a liquid, spreads evenly in the grooves, filling them up. We light it with a special, blue lamp and it hardens. After the treatment, we check if it is comfortable. We correct it if necessary.

The treatment is completely painless.

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