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Dental treatment - Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry

Besides regular dental care at home, it is aesthetic dentistry that can also help you to have a more confident smile.

The purpose of aesthetic dentistry is to restore the teeth of patents to the highest possible degree.

With the passing of time, smoking, tea, coffee, red wine and medicine can cause tooth discolouration. Aesthetic dentistry can solve that.

What we can offer

  • non-metallic restorations, e.g. inlays, pressed ceramic veneers, pressed
  • ceramic crowns, zirconium crowns
  • oral hygiene treatment
  • tooth whitening

Aesthetic dentistry is a set of techniques that give teeth a unique or natural appearance.

To achieve this, we use aesthetic fillings, veneers and non-metallic crowns. We consider the anatomic forms characteristic of healthy teeth, natural tooth colour, harmonic appearance and patient needs. Aesthetic dentistry also requires special techniques, precision and close cooperation with the patient.


We work with filling materials that have the same colour as the teeth we put them into. The aesthetic, light-cured, white filling materials are reinforced with ceramic particles. This allows for a good restoration of the anatomic shape of the tooth, hence realistic fillings can be prepared. These are stable and aesthetic materials we put into the cavity made in advance in layers. They are good for minor to medium caries. If there are deeper caries or a major part of the tooth has been lost, fillings are not the best option for chewing teeth.

In such cases, the filling does not bind precisely enough to the tooth, even despite the most careful dentist work. Heavy-duty inserts, so-called inlays are much better in such cases. Inlays which are prepared by the dental technician in the dental laboratory with great precision in advance are glued into a cavity specially prepared in the dentist?s office.


  • gradia
  • pressed ceramics

Why are inlays better than fillings if a large part of the tooth is missing?

  • it can be secured safely
  • it protects the healthy tooth tissue
  • caries is much less likely to develop if proper dental hygiene is kept
  • it is more aesthetic, the dental technician can prepare the grooves with even greater precision
  • the original shape of the tooth can be restored perfectly
  • contact between adjacent teeth can be created with much greater precision. This ensures that no food is left between the teeth and that the chewing force is distributed on all teeth.
Aesthetic dentistry


Your teeth have discoloured? You are not satisfied with their shape? Is there a large gap between your teeth? Veneers are the solution!

They are a very thin, max. 0.5 mm thick aesthetic addition. It is a mild method; the original teeth only need minimum preparation. Anaesthetic make the intervention painless.

Veneers offer an opportunity to correct the discolouration or bad shape of teeth. They are also good for eliminating large gaps between teeth or restoring the crown part of damaged teeth.


  • pressed ceramics

When do we suggest veneers?

  • if a piece of a frontal tooth has broken off and it cannot be restored with a filling
  • if you are not satisfied with your smile
  • if there is a gap between the frontal teeth
  • if there is an inherent disorder in enamel and dentin development
  • if the frontal teeth are of bad shape
  • if tooth-whitening is not efficient on discoloured, grey teeth

Metal-free crowns

Metal-free crowns are a good choice if a larger portion of the tooth is missing or the tooth?s shape is bad. This allows for a tooth-replacement the shape, colour and light transmittance of which makes it indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Its material can be zirconium-ceramics or pressed ceramics.

Zirconium-frame crowns are prepared with a so-called CAD/CAM technology. This means that the dental technician makes the crown applying computer-assisted design and computer-assisted manufacturing.

It matches the colour of natural teeth perfectly.

Tooth whitening

Nowadays, we are more and more conscious about our diet, exercise, health, dental health and dental aesthetics. It feels good and makes us confident if we can see a nice smile in the mirror.

However, a nice smile is not about tooth whitening. If the tooth has caries or if there is gum inflammation around the tooth, if there is too much tartar, then these problems must be solved first. Tooth whitening can come only after that. This is quite popular in the field of aesthetic dentistry.

In order that tooth whitening is efficient, we first check whether tooth whitening can be performed at all.

We can be effective, if

  • the gum is healthy and not inflamed
  • there is no tartar
  • the teeth are sound or properly treated
  • if the teeth are dark or yellowish and you wanted to make them lighter

Tooth whitening can be performed on healthy, well-maintained teeth only, therefore we must restore gum and dental health.

The tooth whitening procedure dentists offer is safe, comfortable and efficient. Before performing it, we always clean the teeth and remove the tartar. This allows for a much nicer and more durable result. Ultrasonic tartar removal is followed by a so-called salt-polishing (airflow) which is very efficient in removing discolorations and does therefore restore the natural colour of the teeth. Tooth whitening comes after that.

The health of our teeth, the naturalness of our smile reflects our attitude towards life.

I wish nice and healthy teeth and a bright smile to everybody!

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