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  • Crown, bridge 3 years
  • Inlay 1 year
  • Veneer 1 year
  • Filling 1 year
  • Protheses 1 year


Large fillings can be accompanied by temporary or lasting sensitivity or complications with serious pain. In that case further treatment is necessary (e.g. root treatment) which is on the patient. If the filling falls out, breaks, then the replacement is free during the guarantee period.

Crown, bridge

About 10 percent of the teeth that receive a crown die despite the precise work. We discover this either during the control examination or they cause complaints. This necessitates root treatment. In that case, costs are borne by the patient. Teeth prepared for crowns, bridges can become sore even after their preparation. This cannot be foretold. In that case, root treatment is necessary. Gum retracts to a smaller or greater extent with age, which uncovers the teeth and causes sensitivity and aesthetic issues. The extent of this retraction cannot be foretold, if corrections are required, those are borne by the patient.

During the guarantee period, broken veneer of crowns, bridges or crowns, bridges that have fallen out are repaired or replaced free of charge.


Grinding of the teeth is quite common among adults. This can considerably increase the risk of damage of the porcelain. In such cases, tooth-protecting rails must be prepared to protect crows and teeth.


The so-called bone integration appears 3 months after applying the implant. If the body does not accept the implant during this period, then implantation can be reattempted free of charge.

If a permanent denture is prepared over the implant, then the patient must come for a control examination every six months. The lack of control, heavy smoking, poor oral hygiene cancels the guarantee for implants and the dentures prepared over them.

  • the patient does not come for the annual control examinations
  • the patient fails to follow the doctor's orders
  • poor oral hygiene
  • the jaw bone, gum deteriorates
  • denture damage occurs (accident, the patient has dropped it)
  • the patient underwent the treatment of another dentist
  • if the dental status of the patient changes due to other diseases
  • if the body weight of the patient changes over a brief period of time

Other costs

It is part of the general risk undertaken by the patient that he/she bears the travel costs, accommodation costs and the costs associated with falling out from work during the treatments becoming necessary for guarantee issues or other reasons.